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Amy West is the creator of AmyWestTravel.com, an upscale travel and lifestyle brand covering food, fashion, and luxury travel established in 2012. Her expert contributions have been sought after and featured in national and local Television outlets such as Fox Business, Home Shopping Network, Cheddar News, USA Today’s 10Best.com, and Wander Media visitor information network.

Amy’s opinions on style, taste, and the lifestyle of travel have been singled out by many brands including The Huffington Post , Expedia.co.uk, TripAdvisor, Trivago. Her two decades of experience also include work as a commercial actress, professional photographer, and production of her original travel tv show “Like, Love, Want, Need”. As a thought leader in local Influencer Marketing, Amy is a founding member and CEO of The Hive Society, an influential community of content creators. Named one of the “Top Luxury Travel Bloggers to Follow”, you never know what adventure she’ll dive into next. Amy resides in Jacksonville Beach, FL with her husband and two spirited daughters and will release her first published book “100 Things to do in Jacksonville Before You Die” in late 2020.

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Hi I’m Amy West and I like to think of myself as a lifestyle curator. Born to a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve always been a self starter. As a teenager I caught a permanent case of wanderlust when I began traveling abroad. I learned two things very early in life: I wanted to be a story teller, and travel would be my way of life. In 2012 I launched my luxury travel and lifestyle TV show titled “Like, Love, Want, Need”. Out of that successful launch the online brand Amy West Travel was born.

Like most self starters my resume houses a creative array of experiences. I spent 7 years in the spa industry, cultivated my own photography studio from the ground up, and have spent more than a decade in the entertainment world as an actress, model, and producer. This in-depth knowledge of business, personal service, and style sets me apart in the community of influencers as does my unique creative perspective when it comes to content creation.

Over the years my multi platform approach has expanded beyond Amy West Travel to also include my contributions as a freelance writer, travel guru, and lifestyle expert for multiple news outlets. I’m honored to have been recognized as one of the Top Ten Luxury Bloggers by Travel Trolley UK, and one of the Top Luxury Bloggers to Follow by Trip Advisor’s Flip Key.

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About Amy West Travel

Amy West utilizes captivating photography, relatable storytelling, and upscale style to share unique experiences and trends with her audience. Amy’s goal is to bring value to her followers through tips and advice that will make their lives easier and more fulfilling.

Whether it’s discovering the latest foodie destination, the perfect date night ensemble, or diving into the best tips for family road tripping, Amy’s personal connection to her audience is one that has grown through years of consistent and reliable content.

Look for more of Amy’s contributions on her Media page. Amy West Travel the Blog is an entertainment blog designed to showcase the best in Travel and Lifestyle destinations. Many, but not all blog posts are “featured” articles meaning they are infotorial in nature and Amy may have received compensation in the form of dollars, trade, or comped expenses.

Though compensation may have been received all the words and opinions are her own

Any work performed as a freelance writer with outside entities is subject to it’s own rules and compensation.